Queer Liberation

Queer Liberation is the struggle for liberation of all people who do not fit into mainstream society’s idea of sexuality or gender. From gays and lesbians to trans* and gender variant people; Queer Liberation supports all those who fight against the oppressive patriarchal heteronormative system.

It rejects the false binary of gay/straight or male/female to create a movement that is inclusive of everyone, regardless of how they choose to present themselves. Queer Liberation realises that there is a big difference between your assigned sex, your gender identity, gender expression, gender role and sexual orientation. We are not defined by what is between our legs.

Queer Liberation involves itself in the struggle for greater freedom for those who fall outside society’s rigid definition of gender or orientation. It often rejects the mainstream gay rights call for equal rights with straight people in marriage, right to join the army etc. as it sees these privileges to be inherently oppressive and seeks for the liberation rather than assimilation into mainstream society of all people.